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management system

Technology to solve problems Lextar has a strong technical team, technical personnel from the relevant professional college graduate and postgraduate class composition, for many years to overcome a number of technical problems to solve a number of pharmaceutical industry, the pharmaceutical industry...

Staff team

Company since its inception, through a variety of ways to improve company all staffs quality awareness and quality execution; each year to develop annual, quarterly and monthly quality training plan, on different level employees were targeted training, and constantly improve the quality awareness of ...


In 1996 the company for the first time through the ISO9002-94 version quality system certification, in 2003 through the ISO9001-2000 quality system certification, in 2013 by the latest version of the ISO9001-2008 quality system certification; in 2007, the first through the ISO / ts16949-2002 quality ...

Sales network

The company has a stable customer base and a strong sales network, through many years of cooperation, the company has been widely trusted customers for the companys development provides a strong guarantee for the market, reducing the market risk. The enterprise has built a strong sales network, with ...

LongDa Pharmaceutical Machinery Co.,Ltd

Welcome to Liaoyang LongDa Pharmaceutical Machinery Co.,Ltd,located in Liaoyang,Liaoning,China.Since 2003,our company has been a global leader which can design and manufacture liquid-liquid separator, liquid-liquid-solid separator, liquid-solid separator and so on.There are a lot of professional people who has the knowledge of research and design, and the experience of manufacture. We designed and manufactured the most efficient and the best performing range of centrifuges by this unique knowledge.We also use our experience to help you determine which centrifuge is right for your application. Having supplied over 20 kinds of equipments in more than 18 countries worldwide. We supply centrifuges and satisfy every customers need. ......

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